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What to Do Right After You Buy Your First Car


So you finally bought your very first car. It’s indeed a celebratory occasion, but there might be some things left to do still. Most first car owners are giddy about their purchase but may worry about what to do afterwards. Owning a car, after all, is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to drive safely, you need to maintain the vehicle primarily for safety reasons as well. Here are several tips on what to do once you have become a proud car owner:

Sort Our Car Insurance, Registration and Warranty Issues

Obviously, the very first tasks to take care of after buying your car involve legal issues. You need to first get it registered and subscribe to a car insurance plan. Most of these things are easily done by the time the vehicle arrives at your house.

Learn about insurance and registration requirements before you purchase your car. These things are the same regardless of the model of the car you are buying. If your vehicle comes with third-party attachments, like a TV screen for example, these may have warranties attached to them. Learn about these as well.

Read the User’s Manual

Once your shiny new car is parked in the garage, take out the owner’s manual that came with it. You need to read it back to back. At least, skimp though the manual. You will need to carefully read the sections about maintaining your car. Pay attention to the details about routine maintenance tasks.

You can also find information about fixing your vehicle or replacing parts in the manual. This is the single most important guide you will have for repairing and maintaining your car. Remember that this little booklet would have model-specific information that you can’t easily Google.

Find an Auto Mechanic Shop

When you first buy your car, fixing it for anything would be the last thing on your mind. It would be a while before your vehicle requires any type of repairs. However, it will eventually need repairs at one point in the future. It’s best therefore to have found a reliable auto mechanic now. You may not want to think about it, but you do need to find an accidental repair shop for your vehicle. A model-specific auto repair shop, like the Volkswagen smash repairs Melbourne, is the best.

Come Up with a Maintenance Schedule

As mentioned above, you need to maintain your car to keep it in tip-top shape throughout. You will need to read the details in the user’s manual as mentioned above. Don’t plan on driving your vehicle to the auto mechanic’s for every little detail. Car owners can, and should, perform some very basic maintenance tasks such as changing oil and making sure all the tires are properly inflated, among other things.

Prepare a Safety Kit

Do keep a small first aid and safety kit in the trunk in the back. This kit should include medical supplies you would need in an accidental emergency. It should also include parts like jacks that you would need in a situation like a tyre getting a flat in the middle of the road.

Use the above tips wisely to take care of your new ride soon after you purchase it. Always check the user’s manual in case you have doubts about anything.

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