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The Jaguar As an “Executive Car”


The “S” class is an age-old classic made by Jaguar with its inception in around 1998. It was considered strong competition for the BMW 5 series back then and introduced features such as touch-screen navigational panels on their dashboards as early as 2003. Jaguar wanted a smaller saloon which was very much in demand back in that time.

Engine variants

This beauty of Jaguar was powered by quite a few variations of engines. Models came with both petrol and diesel. The popular V8 had a 4.0 liter engine during its initial phase where it was then upgraded to 4.2 liters in 2002. Twin-turbo types of the engine were introduced as well for seamless acceleration which really built up some serious speed if you coupled it with the 6-speed transmission that jaguar later introduced.

The S-type R

This was the supercharged speed demon of the S class type for Jaguar. It was made to appeal to drivers with a wild side. With a 4.2 liter V8 with a supercharger on top of it, this was exactly what it was. It packed in a serious level of horsepower amounting to about 400hp. The top speed was inhibited by Jaguar to around 150mph while the acceleration was at an impressive 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds. This coupled with an improved pulley system adding another 25hp introduced in 2003 models really made it a beast for speed. It was a car with a combination of premium luxury in its interior and the thirst for pure performance in its engine. The S-type had its glory day and was in that era the fastest road production car in the world because of its sheer speed.

Second-hand Market

Jaguar being a British car manufacturer that has commanded a certain level of class and prestige in its cars would automatically give a Jaguar quite a good second-hand market as the brand itself sells itself. It would be very appealing for a car enthusiast to own one of these world-renowned cars. The Jaguar S is no exception and in countries like Australia you find enthusiasts and car collectors who collect jaguars. You would be able to find a good pre-owned Jaguar S type Perth  for example, with good value for your money. All it takes is a little snooping around to stumble on a great deal.

Make a Statement

The “S” class was a car produced by Jaguar to make an exterior. It wanted a medium-sized saloon with a stately exterior design and a killer engine under the bonnet. To a great degree it could be believed that Jaguar accomplished this, but just like any other car, it would have some negative reception as well. The S type R was very popular and set the platform for all other competition back then, it was seen as the pinnacle or the benchmark of dynamic performance. The “executive car” made its mark on the market and was seen as fuel efficient relative to its performance making it a jaguar with a lot of value addition to its customers.

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