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How to Beware of Counterfeit Jeep Parts


The temptation of buying cheap parts for your jeep has always been one of the reasons why counterfeits are rampant in the jeep market. Even if you don’t have any desire to shop for the fake ones, it often misled jeep parts buyers into buying with counterfeit manufacturers’ ability to imitate original jeep parts. And this makes identifying which is a big challenge for buyers of jeep parts.

Most of the time, first-time buyers are victimized by this fake parts, and these have cost them, even more, when something goes wrong. So the next time you’re planning to buy new Dodge parts, here are some tips that you can use to spot fake parts from the original and eventually avoid buying it.

Check the Labels

You can easily spot fake jeep parts with the names. Counterfeits usually have misspelled words, nonsense phrasings, lack identification numbers, and are tagged with “made in” of countries that don’t usually export or manufacture such part.

Examine the Packaging

With regards to labelling, you can compare the potential item with the original packaging of the parts. No matter how many times a counterfeit manufacturer copies the original packaging, it still ends with an off, dull colour which makes it easy to spot to be a fake item.

Compare the Date Stamps with the Original Parts

If the parts happen to be manufactured exclusively by an American manufacturer, you can always check out the date stamp. Take a note that they write dates on their products in an MM/DD/YYYY format.

Indifferences in the Prices of the Parts

When you buy cheap parts, expect that you will always have to bring your jeep to the mechanic to get it fixed. If you use original parts for your automobile, you can rest assured that your beloved vehicle will last long. What sets original parts apart from fake parts is the quality of the item. Original parts may be a bit pricey compared to counterfeit items that are often sold with a ridiculous percentage of discounts. However, what original parts can guarantee is that it is made from the finest raw materials and it has undergone several testings to ensure your safety before releasing it to the market.

Dubious Sellers

If you are going to purchase parts online, you have to be wary with the sellers. There are lots of online shops that sell the parts but lacks information that can prove what you are buying is an authentic item. There’s a significant risk in buying online since you can’t personally see the merchandise before paying. However, if the parts supplier has a physical store that you can visit, it is best to buy personally so you can as well ask about the item you are going to buy.

To ensure that you are dealing a legit reseller, you can always ask for proof of the authenticity of the items. These are usually provided by manufacturers to their distributors to guarantee that the product is genuine.

So whether you’re going to buy a jeep part or just canvassing, you can use these tips as your basis in search for original jeep parts.

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