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Cost-Effective Ways to Improve The Fuel Efficiency of Your Truck


The costs of everything are always increasing and it is important that we learn how to minimize the expenses and manage our budgets if we want to survive without owing to others. If you are an owner of a truck that is hired out to move articles for other people, it is important that you travel more miles per litre as increasing the prices would discourage new customers and the existing ones will also start to look for cheaper vehicles.

Try out the following methods to increase the fuel efficiency of your truck without having to spend a fortune on the modifications. Some of them may seem so obvious when you are reading and will leave wondering why they never came into your mind before!

Use Strategies

You will be planning each trip beforehand and you will know where you have to pick the goods from and where to drop them off. So, before you take the vehicle on the road find out which tasks can be combined and pick the shortest route to each destination. Sometimes, you may be coming back to the station after each trip and then only departs for the other task. This can be avoided by a little bit of preplanning and from each destination where you drop the goods off, you can head directly to the place where you have to pick the next consignment from.

Also you can use the traffic update applications to find out which routes have more traffic and take alternative routes so that you will not have to waste the fuel stuck at a traffic jam.

You may have thought that carrying a lot of things on one trip is going to save you money but, this may not always be true. Leaving a few items behind may increase the fuel efficiency as the strain on the engine is lesser.

Maintain the Vehicle Properly and Pay Attention

If the vehicle is not properly maintained, it tends to depreciate much more quickly and we all know that a worn out vehicle is not as fuel efficient as a vehicle in good condition.

You will need to pay extra attention to the tyres as under-inflated tyres tend to increase the fuel consumption.  Since you are frequently on the road, spend some extra money on a tyre pressure monitor which will be a worthwhile investment. This equipment will allow the driver to know real-time whether the tyres have the correct pressure eliminating the need to go to a service station or some other establishment to get the pressure tested wasting a lot of time that could be spent on another delivery.

It is also important to know the right fuel type for the vehicle; not whether the vehicle needs diesel or petrol but what is the required octane level for the engine to function smoothly. The user manual is sure to have this information you will not have to spend a penny to read it and find out.

Another important aspect is driving at an average speed. Most heavyweight vehicles come with the maximum speed limit but the drivers of smaller trucks tend to drive a lot faster (of course, within the speed limit of the area they are travelling) simply because there is no limit indicated. However, driving too fast will make you have to brake frequently and this is a major cause of decreased fuel efficiency. Therefore, always ensure that the vehicle is driven at an average speed and the drive will be smooth without having to brake and accelerate frequently.

The aerodynamics of the vehicle is also important to maintain a good fuel consumption rate and, therefore, always make sure you do not have too many items on the roof rack, etc., changing the shape of the vehicle affecting aerodynamics.

As you can see, expensive modifications are not essential to improve the fuel efficiency of your truck and maximize profit.

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